Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Country style cabinets for the kitchen

Found a good interior designer at Karamunsing. She gave me the perfect cabinet for my dream kitchen. Syok sendiri lah nie.


We converted this balcony on the first floor into a family room. Just so that the kids won't make a mess downstairs. I could foresee lots of time lepaking with the kids here..

The kitchen windows were relocated so we could have a bigger kitchen. There's no wet and dry kitchen for us. A kitchen is a kitchen. It is where the meal is cooked and where the family could have family time enjoying the homemade dishes. Oh... got to cut back on eating out... Hehe.

This whole room will be for clothes only. Sort of a walk in closet only bigger. The next room is our bedroom.

Our Halekulani

Scenic view of the neighbourhood.

Halekulani - House Befitting Heaven. This is our new house undergoing renovation.